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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you lack energy, unmotivated and feeling disconnected? Do you find yourself relying more now on pills, potions and doctors visits than you ever have in the past?


Would you like a simple solution?


Let the Planet Kitchen dining group be your simple, healthy, affordable, time conscious, delicious educational and entertaining solution.


Join in on this unique opportunity each month and be a part of a group of open-minded people passionate about REAL food, drinks and holistic wellness who want to share a fun and healthier dining out experience here in the Asheville area.


Each month we will enjoy delicious delicacies prepared by you incorporating local organic/non- GMO food (recipes provided for each dish) as well as

Guest speakers/product presentations and/or hands on workshops.

Additionally we will feature networking and family days within the group to support us all in growing our healthy community here in South Florida


Each month members will receive the theme of the month’s event, which will focus on the health, and support of a system in our bodies.  All dishes prepared for the evening’s event will incorporate ingredients that support the night’s theme.


Some examples of upcoming dinners are as follows:

  • Detoxing the body for optimum health

  • Juicing/Smoothies and how to heal with liquid love

  • Cooking and Healing with Essential Oils.

  • Making your own health and beauty products.

  • Wilderness guide and tips for spending time in nature

  • Growing your own foods and food sharing.

  • What are GMO’S and why to avoid them at all costs.

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