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Giving back abundantly is
one of the CORE VALUES of Planet Kitchen. To do this we have partnered with NPO
Art Studio World in support
of its empowering and inspiring C.H.A.I. LEARNING Programs, Workshops, Retreats and Events. 
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HOW WE GIVE – Planet Kitchen & its PURE FIRE ™ product teams understands that everything in life has a connected cycle and every action has an outcome. Giving and receiving are entwined. A minimum of 10% of our profits is given to our partner charity, the Art Studio World, and its

“C.H.A.I. Life Arts” programs for youth.


Our donations are specifically utilized to customize curriculums that carry our mission and vision forward to next generations through the C.H.A.I WELLNESS Curriculums, the

“Wellness Warriors” healthy living programs and the “Fresh Air” farm tour

field trips, workshops and retreats.


Making our Planet Kitchen Mission & Vision a reality means we must take action to collaboratively engage and inspire our youth to be empowered to create their best lives, starting with educating about the foods they consume.  We also do this through our community partnerships with schools that our partner charity, Art Studio World and it’s CHAI Life Arts programs are affiliated with. This is why we support the ASWi Creative-Holistic “Wellness Warriors” program where a percentage of our profits allow youth access to the holistic education needed to thrive and positively contribute in our world today.

ASWi ArtStudioWorld WELLNESS
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In the 1970s, Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar developed an immune boosting remedy she named 'Fire Cider'.  Her original recipe includes equal parts horseradish, ginger, onion, and garlic with small amount of dried cayenne pepper.  All immune boosting ingredients that can be taken daily as a wellness tonic or add a little healthy spice to any recipe for that extra flavor! 

Over the years Fire Cider's popularity as a folk remedy has increased

due to how well it works to keep the body healthy. 

Rosemary's recipe has the base ingredients we use to create Planet Kitchen's customized recipe for our Fire Cider products - "PURE FIRE TONIC"

We sponsor students through the Art Studio World programs, so they can learn how to prepare a fermented Fire Cider recipe while also teaching students the

ART of "FOODS FOR WELLNESS". Contact for more info.

planetkitchen purefire firecider rosemar
planetkitchen purefire firecider rosemar
planetkitchen purefire firecider rosemar
planetkitchen purefire firecider rosemar
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ASWi ArtStudioWorld WELLNESS
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Please Contact for more info.

The curriculum for our

C.H.A.I. WELLNESS programs includes a learning experience that teaches students about balanced eating, farming and how they can be healthy 


Please Contact for more info.

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We offer our Planet Kitchen Space as a meet up location for the Art Studio World's 

C.H.A.I. WELLNESS programs to kick off the Field Trips and learning excursions. These experiences include a tour of the culinary arts kitchen, sharing about sustainability and further understanding of the importance of gardening and farming basics.

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