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PURE FIRE 8oz Tonic

                     Due to the overwhelming response to our products we are currently out of stock.

                                                             Next batch coming soon

                                PURE FIRE the "Fixer Elixir" taste the wellness


                                                         LOCALLY SOURCED. LOCALLY PRODUCED


"PURE FIRE " the "FIXER ELIXIR" taste the wellness is a proprietary blend of fifteen, always organic, (locally sourced when possible) GMO-Free, Vegan, and Gluten Free ingredients based on a centuries old apple cider vinegar herbal infused tincture inspired and made popular by the "godmother of American Herbalism" Rosemary Gladstar.  Planet Kitchen created these incredibly versatile, palate pleasing, planet friendly products to honor her recipe and our relationship with Mother Nature sharing with you the beneficial energy of these plants. Our recipe is deeply rooted in folk medicine and boasts medicinal as well as immune boosting properties. We are excited to present our Artisan products utilizing a ZERO waste production. We currently produce two products from the one fermentation process. We immerse our raw ingredients into raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar for five weeks to create a symbiotic relationship. After five weeks, we drain that infused liquid into bottles for our "PURE FIRE TONIC", The remaining ingredients are dehydrated and ground into a powder for our "PURE FIRE FIRE SALT" 


We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to the CHAI LIFE ARTS Land Project and Art Studio World. Your investment in our products allows us to support the heart felt educational programs and mountain retreat space that nurtures through nature and empowers young minds through food and the Arts.




Check out what this tonic has going on inside:

  • ginger 

  • horseradish

  • onions 

  • garlic 

  • habaneros

  • lemon

  • rosemary 

  • turmeric 

  • cayenne

  • burdock root

  • apple cider vinegar

  • chaga mushroom extract

  • reishi mushroom extract

  • black pepper

  • MAKAI PURE deep sea gourmet sea salt 


Check out just a few of the incredible BENEFITS of enjoying this delicious tonic: 

  • helps support and strengthen your immune system

  • helps assist your body to perform optimally

  • helps assist with colds/flu

  • helps soothe a sore throat (when local raw honey added)

  • helps assist allergies

  • helps maintain clear passage ways

  • helps support digestion

  • helps assist sleepiness



Here are links highlighting some of the benefits of the ingredients in our products:



















Suggested uses for our tonic:


Onset of cold/flu: I tablespoon every 3 hours

Sore throat: I tablespoon mixed with local raw honey every 3 hours

Congestion: Soak a clean cloth and place on chest.

Digestion: I tablespoon before meals.

Sleepiness: I tablespoon before bed.

As a daily prevention and immune booster: 1 tablespoon upon waking.


***Our products are dietary supplements***


*****These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. *****


*****Consult your physician before beginning any dietary program.*****


*****No action should be taken solely on its content; regardless of the perceived scientific merit, instead readers should consult health care professionals on any matter related to their health. The information obtained from referenced materials are believed to be accurate, as presented by their respective authors, but Planet Kitchen LLC  assumes no liability for any personal interpretation. Readers, previous and future customers who fail to consult their Physicians prior to the purchase and subsequent use of any product, assume the risk of any adverse effects. *****


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