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Born in our nation's capital carrying a degree in hotel/restaurant management and an immense passion for REAL food, drinks and healing with nature, David Rosenthal has been in and around the industry for nearly 3 decades. After graduating from the prestigious school of hospitality management at FIU,(Florida International University) David started his career managing upscale casual restaurants then moved on to fine dining where he found his niche. It was a trip to Costco 4 years ago and the ensuing research into the food industry for his new project that changed his life forever. Planet Kitchen was born that day and thankfully has been helping and inspiring people to eat and heal with REAL food,drinks and holistic wellness ever since. With no formal background in health or nutrition, David researched unbiased studies and decided the best path was to use what nature provides coupled with exercise, and meditation which has lead to a deeper understanding of himself and produced astounding results. David  hopes to spread his message globally and ignite that spark in you to get on your path to wellness.



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